Client Certificates

Prove identity and digitally sign or encrypt email
communications using these highly versatile certificates.

What is a Client Certificate?

Client certificates, also called personal ID certificates,
are used to verify identity for an individual.

Allows access to specific applications, websites, or interfaces, as well as devices like laptops and cellphones

Digitally signs and encrypts email using the S/MIME protocol, which verifies the sender and even prevents tampering

Provides enhanced security measures in case usernames and passwords are misplaced or stolen

Client Certificate Options


A DigiCert Premium Certificate enables secure email services and client authentication. Encrypt and digitally sign email communications.

Digital Signature Plus

A DigiCert Digital Signature Plus Certificate provides client authentication and enables clients to digitally sign email communications.

Authentication Plus

A DigiCert Authentication Plus Certificate provides client authentication.

Email Security Plus

A DigiCert Email Security Plus Certificate provides secure email services and enables clients to encrypt email communications.

How Client Certificates Work

Client Authentication Certificates

Generally, Client Certificates (authentication certificates) are used for two-factor authentication. Once a server is configured for client certificate authentication, it will only grant user access to it if the client presents the correct client certificate. When using a web browser to connect to the server, without the correct client certificate, the client cannot even access the credentials page.

Email Client Certificates

Email client certificates have a public/private key pair. Your private key stays with you and is used to sign outgoing emails and decrypt incoming emails encrypted with your public key. Your public key is used to verify your signature and encrypt emails sent to you.

Client Certificate Management

DigiCert simplifies client certificate
management with our Managed
PKI platform.

Purchase your certificate

Issue certificates by single or bulk email import

Custom certificate term length

Opt for automatic renewal after expiration

Reissue revoked certificates at any time

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